Audits & More


In order to best serve the needs of our clients, our audits provide:

·         A complete understanding of the work to be performed.  We are available throughout the year to answer questions.  We will ensure that you are apprised of requirements, standards, and rulings that impact financial accounting and reporting, and related compliance.  Including, an entrance conference, progress conference(s) as considered necessary, and an exit conference.

·         A large audit staff to handle all of your needs including, significant Manager time, Partner planning and review time, and very seasoned staff. Our audit and compliance managerial staff is dedicated year-round to audit work, and does not limit its availability during tax season.

·         Review of internal financial statements as well as documentation of your internal controls structure and major business practices.  We prioritize communication with the governing body and communication of internal control matters for management; which provide our suggestions for improvement in your systems and detailed explanations of upcoming accounting and auditing pronouncements that are relevant to you.

·         A written report on the internal control structure communicating any significant deficiencies to management and communicating our recommendations for enhancing internal controls and improving operational efficiency, if necessary. One of our priorities is to help our clients navigate internal control assessments with our support, offering low-cost and no-cost solutions to a variety of internal control challenges.

·         Delivery of audit reports in a timely fashion, as agreed upon. We understand the investment you make in the audit relationship in terms of dollars and time, and we are committed to providing value with every interaction.

We are currently serving over 200 entities in Oregon. We understand thoroughly the work to be done on these engagements; we have established excellent relationships with the Governing Bodies and Management of these entities, and we have consistently delivered audit reports on schedule. We are confident you will find our firm has the experience and ability to provide the excellent auditing and advisory services you require.


Quality Control

Pauly Rogers & Co, P.C. undergoes an independent peer review every three years. These reviews of our quality control are required for firms who perform audit services. They are conducted by other firms who evaluate our firm based on certain standardized criteria provided by the AICPA. In 2017, we completed our most recent peer review and a copy of that unqualified opinion is available upon request.

All of our partners and a majority of our managers are licensed by the Oregon State Board of Accountancy as Certified Public Accountants, the Firm is licensed by the Oregon Board of Accountancy, and we are a member of the AICPA. All of our partners are members of the Oregon Society of CPAs, and the majority are GFOA reviewers.

Our Firm utilizes a wide range of professional development resources available through the Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and local providers of educational materials. Our program offers diversity to staff members and allows the Firm to acquire specialized knowledge in key areas such as accounting and auditing.

All members of the firm are independent from our clients as required by the rules of conduct of the AICPA. We require all staff members to make annual independence representations that we keep on file in our office.