Corporate Audits

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Our firm has a commitment to service and accessibility. We are committed to:

·         Being proactive in identifying changing client needs, wants, and expectations.

·         Providing services in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

·         Performing all work timely and delivering information in a useable time period. We understand our clients’ time sensitive needs.

·         Keeping our fees economical and competitive. We know that value is important. No work is performed without our clients’ agreement as to the cost before work is started.

·         Conveying a personal interest in our clients by assigning a team of professionals to each client to assure maximum client services.

·         Employing only the highest quality people who are committed to customer service.

We serve a wide range of businesses including manufacturing, personal services, contruction, restaurants, and retailers. Pauly, Rogers and Co., P.C. has extensive experience in auditing numerous accounting systems. We are quite familiar with auditing almost all of the computerized accounting packages available in the market, including QuickBooks. All members of our staff have relevant experience with these systems and all of our auditors have been thoroughly trained in our firm’s computer audit techniques. We have found this increases our efficiency as well as our ability to assist a client’s staff as we conduct our work.

During its history, the firm has been involved in numerous management service engagements. Such engagements have included:

Management Advisory Services

·         Development of business strategies.

·         Efficiency studies.

·         Staff selection.

Financial Management

·         Cash flow analysis.

·         Business and financial plans.

·         Strategic planning.

Accounting and Taxation

·         Research projects regarding payroll tax concerns.

·         Accounting policy manual.

·         Cash flow analysis and projections.

·         Development of enhanced internal control systems.

·         Payroll and income tax reviews.

·         Accounting seminars and presentations.

·         Accounting system development.

·         Accounting policy manual development.

To help provide timely audit reports, we normally perform interim work during the last several months of the fiscal year. At this time, we perform a review of the accounting records in use and conduct an evaluation of internal control as required by generally accepted auditing standards. Any deficiencies encountered in the accounting records or internal control, together with our recommendations, are discussed with management at that time. This procedure permits implementation of corrective action prior to issuance of the audit report and management letter. We consider risk and materiality in determining the extent of audit testing and review necessary. This increases the effectiveness of our audit work.

We would like to provide you with a proposal for your needs. We invite you to contact us for further information.