Non-Profit Audits

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Pauly, Rogers and Co., P.C. audits many nonprofit clients and has a 70 year history of involvement in these specialized areas. This experience enables us to perform an efficient and effective audit at a reasonable cost. Due to our extensive experience in this area, we can offer valuable suggestions to an organization’s Board of Directors. These advantages have kept us in the forefront of nonprofit auditing in Oregon.

We will not surprise you about the type and volume of information needed to support the audit. We intend to analyze what is important in your organization, and to develop audit procedures to appropriately assure coverage of these specialized areas.

Our audits include all funds of the organization. We believe out audit should not be a rote exercise, but should help your organization develop and enhance the capabilities of your staff and help you meet the problems of the future.

The purpose of our audit is to determine whether an organization’s financial statements fairly present its financial position and the results of its operations in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles. We also determine whether an organization has complied with State and Federal laws, regulations, and other contractual provisions that may have a material effect on the audited financial statements.

We begin an audit process by performing a review of the accounting records in use and conduct an evaluation of internal control as required by generally accepted auditing standards. Any deficiencies encountered in the accounting records or internal control, together with our recommendations, are discussed with Management at that time. We consider risk and materiality in determining the extent of audit testing and review necessary. This increases the effectiveness of our audit work.

We engage computer specialists when required. Since our regular audit staff is very experienced in working with computer systems, the use of specialists is infrequent. Our Firm has developed computerized audit techniques, which are used for analytical review purposes and report preparation. These procedures are a standard part of fieldwork on our portable computers. These techniques allow us to increase sample sizes and decrease detection risk. Because the summarization and calculation of the data is done by computer, increases in audit time are minimal. We have written specialized audit programs which aid in the preparation of the financial statements allowing us to post adjusting journal entries in a matter of seconds with changes to the financial statements made automatically.

Our experience with, and commitment to, nonprofit audit services makes us a leader in this area. We would be delighted to prepare a proposal for services or discuss with you what advantages our firm might have for you.