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Our Mission

To provide high quality personnel and cost effective services to meet our clients’ needs with an emphasis on improving our clients’ performance, profitability and accountability.

Pauly, Rogers and Co., P.C. is a Portland, OR based firm that has been providing quality audit and review services since 1947. We have 2 Partners, 7 In-Charge Accountants, 23 Professional Staff and 3 Support Staff members, for a total of 33 employees. We only provide audit and review services, but our sister company (see Tax Tips), provides tax and accounting services.

All of our shareholders and managers are licensed by the Oregon State Board of Accountancy as Certified Public Accountants, the Firm is licensed by the Oregon Board of Accountancy, and we are a member of the AICPA. All of our partners are members of the Oregon Society of CPAs.

Our Firm utilizes a wide range of professional development resources available through the Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants, Technical Assistance for Community Service, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and local providers of educational materials. Our program offers diversity to staff members and allows the Firm to acquire specialized knowledge in key areas such as accounting and auditing.

All members of the firm are independent from our clients as required by the rules of conduct of the AICPA. We require all staff members to make annual independence representations that we keep on file in our office. We also comply with peer review requirements and underwent a peer review for the year ended April 2002. The reviewing firm issued an unqualified report which included reviews of non-profit/exempt organization audit engagements. We have not had any findings as a result of state or federal reviews and we have not had any disciplinary action taken or pending against the firm during the past three years.

We provide auditing services to a variety of entities, such as corporations, governments, and nonprofits. We invite you to peruse our services, in the left navigation. We believe you will find our experience and service makes us an excellent candidate to serve as your auditors. Please send us an e-mail so we can prepare a proposal for you.